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A Dedicated Vocal Coach

Vocal needs vary from one to another no matter how similar. A "one size fits all" method doesn't exist no matter how many vocal guru's tell you so. Here is why... Our voices are so unique in terms of how we sound naturally. From the shape of our heads down to our vocal cords, giving us a unique sound. 

My mission is to empower every client with the tools to utilise and maximise their voice. Having the ability to self-coach. In partnership, we will craft an intentional vocal brand that effortlessly communicates its unique vibe that will resonate.

If you are thinking about having a vocal lesson but have no clue where to start? Continue scrolling down to find out how I can help you better. To begin that journey, I find it helpful to ask yourself 3 questions that would give some direction or a destination of where you would like to end up. Drop your email and I will send it straight to you.

Well, don't take my word for it!​

Here are some of my clients' experiences with me.

Vocal sessions are fun and can be just that but I have seen my clients take away so much more than just singing well. The by-product of them going through this process was them building a stronger sense of self-confidence. I've seen sessions helping them learn so much more

  • About themselves and their own unique voice 

  • Questioning their biases towards certain types of voices

  • Help them understand why they sound the way they do because of their biased beliefs

  • Giving them an opportunity to decide what they believe is their own voice of their own choosing and not a voice formed by what society thinks is acceptable.


If you would like this for yourself then let's partner up!

It is as simple as it gets - just like a road trip.

YOU - Decide the destination

I - Present you with options of how we can get there

WE - We can make our way there, together

Your interest in learning about your voice is important to me. Click the icon below and let's talk!

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I believe that everyone has the right to vocal freedom & should have a chance to develop a healthy relationship with their own voice; because your voice is important to your loved ones as well.

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