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Specialised Vocal Techniques

Undergirding Pamela’s holistic vocal approach has an empathic sensitivity to each person’s unique vocal experience and struggles, creating a non-judgemental to be safe space for the other to feel heard. Trained in multiple pedagogical vocal methods and approaches, Pamela’s vocal integrative intervention is drawn from Speech Level Singing (SLS) in Nashville, Estill Voice (EV) in Melbourne, Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) in Denmark, and with further training, she is currently undergoing training for the Alexander Technique (AT) in Melbourne.

Speech Level Singing

Speech Level Singing is designed to help singers overcome this break or disconnect. SLS uses exercises designed to allow the voice to keep a consistent “speech-level” sound across the whole range. The idea is to join the different registers, rather than yell or disconnect to falsetto.

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT)

An internationally widespread method for teaching voice. CVT is divided into four main principles, and by combining parts of these principles singers can produce the sounds they want.

Estill Voice (EV)

A unique Vocal Training System which enables us to identify and control the individual structures of the voice in isolation. Using simple everyday sounds common to everyone, these structures are identified, isolated and then used to develop conscious control of the voice.

Alexander Technique (AT)

A gentle approach that aims to re-educate the mind and the body through a series of movements so the body uses muscles more efficiently. The relationship between head and spine is key. When the neck muscles work well, the head should balance lightly at the top of the spine.


Let's Work Together

As a vocal specialist, I seek to empower and equip my clients with the skills to utilise and maximise their voices. With a deepened understanding of their own usage of their voice, developing relations in learning how to build communication with their voice through logical solutions and personal resilience while birthing one’s potential in the unfolding of one’s vocal journey with the joy and peace of self-acceptance.

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