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Begin Your Pathway
To Start Developing A Relationship
With Your Voice



Recognise The Signs

Many never thought to look out for warning signs until it's too late. To start things off, we focus on increasing our body awareness will help to identify the warning signs your body tells you.

  • Discover the bad habits you have created over the years

  • Learn how to unlearn them step by step

  • Condition your body to take care of it in the future


Listening & Understanding

Make time to listen to what your body is telling you.

  • What is causing the vocal discomfort?

  • Where is the tension felt the most?

  • Learn how to apply a vocal scale model to help you understand your voice better



be it vocal training or singing lessons...

Forest Road

Actions To Take


We will be going through vocal techniques that help the pressing vocal issues. 

  • Challenge certain beliefs you might have about your voice

  • Learn how to utilise and maximise your vocal potential

  • Craft your very own vocal brand that effortlessly communicates its unique vibe that will resonate

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