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[Part 1] Five Outcomes- Mental Focus for Singers

Who is this article for?

  • Focused and Effective Practice Session I want to sing but I don't have hours to spare

  • Lasting Vocal Conditioning I want my vocal progress to stick and not regress

  • "Less is more" Approach I want to make my practice to be more efficient

Nir Eyal starts off with his heartbreaking reality while "trying" to interact with his daughter. That reality painted a loud picture of many who misses the little things in life that could be significant life moments that makes life meaningful.

Thinking back about the interactions I had with my friends and family, I remember feeling dismissed when I was sharing my feelings about a situation and paused when I realised that my friend I was on a date with had her eyes glued to her phone saying "carry on, I'm listening".

The fact our actions place our distractions above the people we intend to spend time with them makes me wonder if I do that with the other parts of my life. Everyone values honesty because we hate being lied to. Kept from the truth. It doesn't allow us to decide or have the best information to move forward from. BUT what I realised is that we lie to ourselves all the time. I would tell myself that I would complete this task but it never gets done because I would always end up doing something else. I said I would try to learn this song but I don't get around to it because of distraction.

I am on a mission to figure out how to be indistructable. I will be going through chapter by chapter and reflecting if I can apply this to my vocal journey. How can I create focus for my practice sessions, finding out the cause of my distraction and see results at the end of the book and sharing. Join me in this, I would love to hear your insights.

1. Evaluation Checklist

To start off the session, let's define what is a distractable person in the terms of Nir Eyal.


This person would identify and blame the external distractions that keep them distracted. As suppose to identifying the pattern behaviour and prevent that from happening again.


This person understands why they got distracted and does something about it.

I found these definitions redeeming in a way that it allows you to make that choice. The only difference is one does something about it. That slight chavnge would make all the difference and I found that very hopeful. I just need to do something when I catch myself. In order to understand how distracted we are we can break it down even further.

Ask yourself five simple questions and get instant clarity on your distraction patterns and how a lack of focus may be derailing you from your most important goals and growth in singing.

Time Management

Improving Focus

Building better habits & Routines

Overcoming Distraction

Being Fully Present

How was your evaluation? Did you fair well or was it worrisome? Would love to start a discussion going and to hear from you, so go ahead and comment down below. Which of these did you score poorly in? What were you results?

My Results:

  • Time Management- Not Good My discipline is horrible with keeping time when it comes to practicing. I get carried away and lose focus. Probably caused by being distracted too!

  • Improving Focus- Average

  • Building better habits & Routines- Excellent

  • Overcoming Distraction- Poor Realising that what I get distracted with seems like it's part of the work but it isn't! It draws me away from the objective I told myself to focus on. Am I the only one in this?

  • Being Fully Present- Excellent

That is the real danger isn't it, being distracted from things that don't look like distractions. What does your starting line look like? Give yourself sometime to reflect and see what we need to work on. It can only get better from here.

In my next post of this series, will be a chapter 1-2 review and reflection. I am glad that we can be on this journey together! Indistractable here we come!

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