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Course Duration

6 Weeks

Course Tuition


Learn vocal techniques and grasp the concepts in these 6 weeks


"Discovering your vocal potential!"

Very rarely do people take the time to invest time in something that brings them joy. You are a rare few who would dare indulge in a bit of fun, getting down with the technical, 6 weeks of geeking out with the ins and outs with basics of vocal techniques to sing any song well.

Discover Your Vocal Destination

Each week you will be introduced to different vocal techniques you never knew existed. With more challenges come more motivation, empowerment and confidence as you connect with your mind, body and heart just by learning how to sing.

Are You Where I Was?

Do you tick any of these boxes?
  • Feeling stuck singing certain songs and don't know how else to improve
  • Somedays I can hit those high notes and some days even my low notes sound bad
  • I feel tired vocally after trying to sing challenging songs
  • I have major vocal breaks and don't know how to get rid of them
  • Feel breathless in a song, can't seem to finish one and feel good about it
  • I sound light and cannot project my voice no matter how hard I push
  • I feel frustrated singing for hours with very slight improvements
  • I get very nervous singing in front of people and because of that I can't sing properly
  • I feel like it is not worth practising vocal exercises for hours with only slight improvement
Basically, feeling stuck in life and vocally? 
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, YOU CAN SANG!  is just for you.


What to expect from the 6 week vocal challenge with me
Indulge yourself with a 6-week vocal journey that would motivate, empower your voice as you reconnect with your mind, body and heart; just by learning how to sing. 

6 Week Vocal Journey

WK01 Basic vocal production fundamentals

WK02 Build your own vocal routine

WK03 Discover vocal qualities you didn't know you have

WK04 Learn the art of delivering songs

WK05 Understand the process of performance

WK06 Final singing assignment

This program will give you the courage, awareness and knowledge necessary to transform your body, mind and heart in the way you approach singing.


Knowing where our starting line is. 
  • Meet the community
  • The purpose for our voice
  • Vocal Branding
  • At the starting Line
  • Vocal Principles​​
  • Concept of using effort numbers


An introduction to the basics of singing. Learn what muscles are involved when support is needed in speaking or singing. 
  • Basic Vocal Production
  • Airflow
  • Posture & Alignment
  • 3 Basic Principles 
  • Catching Waves


Vocal anchoring is one of the most underrated techniques that people tend to overlook and do not realise that it is causing most of the vocal issues that they have.
Vocal support is one of the 3 basic principles that are necessary to make good vocal production.
  • Discover your vocal support
  • Options for support


Identifying the different vocal qualities that we hear on Spotify. Challenge your voice to try out those qualities by understanding and analysing our options.
  • Explore the Vocal Qualities that exist
  • Vocal elements that enhance tone quality
  • Process of applying this knowledge to when we learn a song for performance


Learn how to overcome the fear of performance by understanding the cycle of the performance process
  • Conviction
  • Preparation
  • Performance
  • Self-evaluation


Feedback & Solution
Get constructive feedback and solutions daily to make sure you are on the right track.
Weekly Live Q&A

Each mid-week we will catch up before our next masterclass training to go over any areas that need clarity, unpacking any questions you might have.

These Q&A sessions allow you to better integrate the knowledge and awareness into your vocal routine and singing practices

Workbook & Audio Resources
To support your personal development and in helping you get the most out of the vocal program, you will have download access to "homework" materials.
Masterclass Training

We will uncover the basic vocal techniques to improving your overall vocal knowledge to become a better singer.

The goal of these sessions is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to eventually diagnose your own vocal problems in the future.

Private Group
Connect, network, learn and journey with others singers. 
Win a 1:1 Transformational Breakthrough Session
Stand a chance to win this breakthrough session with me by just participating and contributing to the program.

This breakthrough session will make your vocal journey a personalised experience, targeting specific results with my help.

Quick guides set up to know what your task, objectives, assignments are for the day! 

Find out how to contribute to the social learning group use the tools you just learned to help others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will be needed daily?

  • 1hr for a weekly masterclass 

  • _ mins to record and post your homework for the day

2. Will there be access to the masterclass if I miss it?

  • Yes, the video and materials will be available for the whole duration of the 6-week vocal program.

3. What equipment do I need?

  • Just your willingness to learn and explore

  • A device that you can access the members portal with

  • A device that can record audio or video for submission of homework

4. Will there be assistance if needed? 

  • Feedback will be provided daily for the duration of the challenge

5. I am unsure if I am suitable for this 6-week vocal program, can I speak with someone?

  • Yes, you may email me here

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