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Studying Alessia Cara's Vocals WK3

Weekly Roll Out


Mondays are tough but it is also a significant start of a new beginning. We can choose to start well or drag our feet into another week. That decision sets your mind on a certain course. The most rational thing to assure yourself a good week would be to see yourself, affirm yourself, celebrate yourself. Mel Robbin reminds us, for those who are stuck, we tend to withhold the affirmation, celebration until we accomplish worthy of. Understanding that the order in which we think is necessary only adds to the dread and negativity to the process of getting to our goal. Suppose we flipped the order of that process and become aware that we need to provide ourselves with the support, celebrate the small victories and acknowledgement in order to hit that number on the scale.

This simple flip empowers and equips you to face whatever obstacle coming your way with built-in confidence that you have worked on, empowers you to do the things that might even scare you. Why wouldn't you want that? Start your week by doing something that serves you.

These vocal Affirmations will be rolled out weekly, easy for you to pick and choose. Commit to it at least for 30 days. You will feel an instant change in your mood, the way your self-talk, the way you perceive yourself and respect yourself.

It will feel weird at first but don't worry, I got you. Focus on the bigger picture and sooner or later you will find yourself enjoying the obstacles coming your way. Let's empower our voice!

Artist Study/ Vocal Coach Analysis

Having learnt from the best in the industry, I have observed the value of being able to articulate what you like and dislike about artists who made it. I never understood when someone asks "Is she/he a good singer?" because the definition of good varies. Some people look out for certain qualities that they admire or relate to so this question becomes redundant, don't you think?

In the artist study section, we will identify the unique signature that makes them an artist in their own right and study their choices made. Giving us the wisdom and options when we face our own choices.

But why should we study the things we don't like? It is one thing to feel and another to articulate it. The process of understanding why you dislike something gives you access to your beliefs and that is when you can challenge the grounds on why? From years of vocal coaching, you will be surprised it is rarely a matter of taste. This articulation is just to check if there are things you need to confront or beware of this fight or flight reaction that might be hindering your best vocal work.

Reddit Reviews

There is so much good within the Reddit r/singing community. With reviews, I can answer and address some frequently asked concerns that singers may have.

Feel free to contribute your vocal questions in this section. I would love to help you out!

Vocal topics

Learning about the voice is a never-ending vocation for me. There is always something to learn and I will be sharing and probably going to experiment on my voice, might as well share my experience and findings while I am it.

Their Stories

Vocal coaching means meeting pretty unique voices with beautiful stories and experiences to share. Leaving this section open for what I learn about and from my students who are my motivation in life.

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