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Emberays Approaches & Methods

Emberays Approaches & Methods

Discover the exciting possibilities with me your vocal expert.

Introduction: Embracing Holistic Vocal Coaching

Welcome to Emberays, where we explore the exciting possibilities of vocal mastery through a holistic approach. As your vocal expert, I'm here to guide you on a journey that goes beyond just hitting the right notes. We’ll delve into the connection between mind, body, and spirit, fostering not only your vocal skills but also your overall well-being.


The Inspiration Behind Becoming a Vocal Coach

My journey into vocal coaching began with frustration. In school, vocal teachers relied on outdated, repetitive methods. If you didn't grasp their techniques, it was seen as a lack of effort, and the teachers showed little care. For many of them, and I believe it's still true today, teaching isn't their real passion. Yes, they are in the industry with real-life experiences, but if they don't bother to communicate how you can benefit from their experiences, it’s as good as having none.

My vocal classmates often sought my help, asking how I achieved certain vocal techniques. I found great joy in seeing them succeed through step-by-step actionable tasks. This experience made me realise my true passion lay in teaching, much more than performing. I believe in a balance. For me, teaching is my first love, and performing is a means to an end. I do enjoy when my band goes off the rails and improvising needs to happen. I’m always expecting the unexpected, which keeps me on my toes as a vocalist. Translating how this can be beneficial to my students gives them an experience they might not have had themselves but brings awareness and preparation for when it does.

How My Singing Journey Shapes My Teaching Philosophy

My journey has instilled humility and a commitment to continuous learning. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for self-discovery, shaping my teaching philosophy. I believe that both teacher and student are perpetual learners, always evolving and growing together.

The Impact of Holistic Vocal Training on My Singing and Well-Being

Coming from an untrained background singing in church, I was comfortable on stage, but performing was different. In church, the focus was on worship, not me. However, in music school, the spotlight was on me, leading to severe stage fright and anxiety. My teachers couldn't help me overcome this. After studying psychology, I integrated mental strategies with vocal techniques to manage my anxiety. By reframing my mental state and controlling stage fright, I turned nervous energy into controlled power. Now, I teach students to develop a relationship with their voice from the inside out, aligning the mind and body for optimal performance.


The Key Experiences Leading to My Holistic Approach

My experiences as a student heavily influenced my holistic approach. I learned what not to do from my teachers and kept the helpful aspects. The absence of proper guidance led me to distill my knowledge from a three-year training into a comprehensive step-by-step guide. Many traditional methods felt incomplete or guarded, especially from my Asian teachers who withheld important techniques. I believe in short-term, impactful teaching, equipping students with skills for independent development.

Integrating Mindfulness, Technical Skills, and Emotional Expression in Lessons

  • Mindfulness: We approach new songs by examining preconceived thoughts, filtering out unhelpful ones, and retaining what serves us.

  • Technical Skills: Body scans help students understand their body mapping. Techniques like Alexander Technique, Somatic Voicework™, and Fitzmaurice Voicework® enhance body awareness. We incorporate vocal techniques like CVT, EVT, and SLS to expand their vocal capabilities.

  • Emotional Expression: We study songs like actors study scripts, using drama techniques to guide interpretation, leading to unique singing styles and creative decisions.

Seeing Transformation Through Holistic Methods

Transformation is evident when students start framing their questions differently, reflecting deeper critical thinking and self-awareness. For instance, a student initially struggling to understand their vocal capabilities begins to explore and experiment with their voice, eventually analyzing their performances and seeking confirmation rather than basic guidance.


A Success Story of Holistic Approach Benefiting a Student

One student, in her 60s, experienced a remarkable transformation through dedication and hard work. Initially, she struggled to understand her vocal capabilities. Over time, she learned to phrase her questions more thoughtfully, exploring and experimenting with her voice. Now, she analyzes her performances and seeks confirmation rather than basic guidance. Her journey showcases the power of persistent effort and expert guidance.

Overcoming Challenges with My Methods

  • Frustration with Lack of Progress: My methods help students understand their instrument logically, providing immediate, actionable results. If advice doesn’t reflect anatomical accuracy, it’s ruled out. Students learn to navigate from point A to point B independently, growing through the process of seeking answers.

  • One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Traditional methods often blame the student. I customize my approach, understanding each student’s background and voice. Each student has a unique story, and I build personal relationships to ensure tailored guidance.

  • Building Confidence: My method uses singing as a tool to build confidence, starting with small tasks and gradually increasing complexity. The hardest part is helping students believe they can achieve their goals, but once they do, their progress accelerates.

Growth Beyond Singing

  1. They see themselves differently from when they started.

  2. They notice nuances in sounds, not just pitch accuracy.

  3. They appreciate the effort behind performances.

  4. They can self-coach their vocal issues.

How My Methods Differ from Traditional Vocal Coaching

Unlike many music schools with untrained vocal coaches, I am a trained vocal educator who continually updates my methods based on the latest scientific evidence. I equip students with skills to develop their voices independently, ensuring immediate and lasting results.

Addressing Common Pitfalls of Cheaper Vocal Training Options

It’s true that in this industry, you often get what you pay for. After 10 years of teaching, I've observed that instructors charging below market price are often newer to teaching and may be refining their techniques and methods. They frequently work for music schools focused on high volume and may encourage you to commit to a package, yielding little to no results. Those in the mid-range typically have significant industry experience but may not prioritize teaching as their primary focus.

When it comes to instructors charging at the higher end, it's important to ask "why." In my case, I have dedicated years to honing my craft, continuously learning from various institutes worldwide, and integrating diverse teaching methods, often under the guidance of mentors. I strive to find the best methods for my students, as it's part of my responsibility to stay updated and aligned with industry standards.

While my sessions may be more expensive, I do take pride in providing the best service for my students. A single session with me can provide more value and learning than three years with an inexperienced educator saving you time and money in the long run. With me, you get immediate, actionable results and learn to coach your own voice. My holistic approach ensures sustainable, profound progress.

The Value of Investing in a Holistic Approach

True mastery isn't a stroke of luck; it’s the fruit of deep knowledge and profound understanding. I aim to teach you the art of fishing, empowering you to sustain your own growth and confidence, rather than merely handing you a catch. Anyone can achieve this—what I need from you is the clarity to know what you want.


What I Offer Beyond Traditional Music School Programs

I offer a personal touch, customizing each session to the student’s background and learning style. My quality teaching ensures each student's needs are met.

Ensuring Immediate and Long-Term Results

I keep detailed notes of each session, accessible to students for ongoing communication and progress tracking.

A Case of Invaluable Investment

One student, hesitant due to bad experiences with other teachers and music schools, took a risk with a partial refund guarantee. He experienced immediate results and has been with me ever since, finding the investment invaluable. Couldn't have been more pleased he didn't stop looking for the right coach.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Unique Voice

Partnering with an expert vocal coach like me opens up exciting possibilities for your singing journey. Whether you're a hobby singer, a professional performer, or a corporate professional, my holistic approach creates a supportive and nurturing environment for your growth. By combining mindfulness, technical skills, and emotional connection, I empower you to find your unique voice and express yourself with authenticity and passion.

Take the first step towards unlocking your vocal potential. Schedule a consultation session today and experience the transformative power of holistic vocal coaching. Your journey to vocal mastery starts here.

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