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Accepting The Good

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Affirmation Introductions- Read this if this is your first time to clarify the intentions of why we want to implement affirmations to better our vocal ability. To do anything well, your mind has to be in it.

Mondays are tough but it is also a significant start of a new beginning. We can choose to start well or drag our feet into another week. That decision sets your mind on a certain course. The most rational thing to assure yourself a good week would be to see yourself, affirm yourself, celebrate yourself. Mel Robbin reminds us, for those who are stuck, we tend to withhold the affirmation, celebration until we accomplish worthy of.

Understanding that the order in which we think is necessary only adds to the dread and negativity to the process of getting to our goal. Suppose we flipped the order of that process and become aware that we need to provide ourselves with the support, celebrate the small victories and acknowledgement in order to hit that number on the scale.

This simple flip empowers and equips you to face whatever obstacle coming your way with built-in confidence that you have worked on, empowers you to do the things that might even scare you. Why wouldn't you want that? Start your week by doing something that serves you.

These vocal Affirmations will be rolled out weekly, easy for you to pick and choose. Commit to it at least for 30 days. You will feel an instant change in your mood, the way your self-talk, the way you perceive yourself and respect yourself.

It will feel weird at first but don't worry, I got you. Focus on the bigger picture and sooner or later you will find yourself enjoying the obstacles coming your way. Let's empower our voice!


In the last affirmation post, we spoke about identifying our patterns of how we go about accepting ourselves as the first step to start listening. For today's affirmation, we continue to build on this very skill, to listen and discern the good and bad.

Weed out the good and bad.

Over the years of trying to categorise and placing constructive criticism or feedback, I have found it most useful with the following question.

Does it serve you well?

Now, to clarify the it in this phrase, it can be in a form of a thought or feeling. Serve, to mean, what benefit will it bring you thinking about this? Well, meaning, that there will be an action and behaviour that follows the thought or feeling. Is it a positive one or a negative one?


Brings inaction, sucks you into a loop and robs you of the chance to try.


Brings you closer to your vocal goal even if it's a small step forward.

When you begin to affirm yourself today...

  1. Write down all the negative thoughts that are circulating in your head.

  2. Identify and state the reason for fear. eg. Fear of singing in public, fear of being teased at, fear of being compared to __, fear of ____, etc.

  3. Upon reflection, would you like to overcome it?

  4. If yes, what would you do differently? eg. Adopt good self-talking habits, be accountable to someone with this journey(vocal coach or a friend), etc.


End of the Week Question

Is the difficulty with rejecting the negative or accepting the positive throughout this week?

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